YouTube Content as A Form of Social Identity

Actualization of Javanese Culture of Muslim Diaspora in Europe

  • Iin Nur Zulaili Universitas Islam Negeri Sunan Ampel, Surabaya, Indonesia
  • Masitah Effendi Universitas Islam Negeri Sunan Ampel, Surabaya, Indonesia
Keywords: YouTube content; social identity; Javanese culture; Muslim diaspora


YouTube content is one media to transform knowledge about language, one of which is Javanese. The Javanese used in a particular country serves as a social identity that shows the group as a Muslim Diaspora. This research aims to know how an Indonesian Muslim maintains his local language and European identity. Indonesian Muslim Diaspora continues to adapt by negotiating two identities that interact with each other every day. They want to survive and mingle with European society but still maintain the social identity of the local language that they are proud of. The YouTube content thus becomes the unofficial association for the local language, so the actualization of Javanese culture is formed into a social identity. The researchers use a qualitative method reinforced by linguistic theory Hogg’s social identity theory. This method is applied to reveal the meaning of one of the YouTube contents created by the Muslim diaspora in a particular country. The contents succeeded in showing the social identity of a group that still maintains the Javanese language even though they are outside their native country.