The English Language Teaching at Yogyakarta Senior High School Using Scientific Approach Perspective

  • Susiati Abas Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
  • Pratomo Widodo Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Keywords: scientific approach; English teaching; lesson plan


This paper discusses the quality of the English teaching process based on the scientific approach of senior high school students in Yogyakarta. It investigated the teacher’s understanding of the lesson plan of English teaching with the scientific approach and the implementation of the scientific approach in English teaching. The design of the paper used descriptive qualitative. The samples of this study were nine teachers of senior high schools in Yogyakarta. The data of the teaching process was collected by using lesson plan review, observation, and interview. The assessment sheet of lesson plan review is used by collecting lesson plan data using the scientific approach. The data got from the teacher’s lesson plan had been made by the teacher before. The assessment sheet of observation is used by gaining data about implementing English teaching in the classroom. And the interview sheet contained questions that aimed to get more information from the English teacher. The data analysis used in this research is an interactive model from Miles and Huberman. They were data collection by observation, interview, review documents, data reduction, display data, and conclusion drawing. The finding showed that the teachers’ understanding of the English teaching lesson plan with the scientific approach was good. It was established in the lesson plans that the teachers made, which had the characteristics required by Permendikbud No. 22 the Year 2016. Another finding was that the implementation of the scientific approach had been exemplary because the teachers in the teaching process had implemented the 5 M teaching steps. However, it was constrained by the students who were still embarrassed or afraid in questioning and communicating. Finally, the study showed that the teachers must be active in activities organized by The Ministry of Education and Culture and The Branch Office of Education of the Province, City, or Regency by participating in English teacher forums, workshops, or training held by Educational Quality Assurance Agency or Other Organizations related to Curriculum 2013.