• Rizki Parahita Anandi UIN Salatiga
Keywords: Rasch Model, teachers’ competence, teachers’ evaluation


The quality of education is indicated by the quality of the teachers. Ideally, teachers should have a good pedagogical, professional, personality and social competence. Salatiga State Islamic University gives opportunity to the students to evaluate their teachers at the end of every semester using the Teachers’ Evaluation Form. Students’ feedback can help teachers to evaluate their teaching performance. Therefore, this study was aimed at analyzing the students’ evaluation on the teachers’ competence. The evaluation form consists of four aspects and 24 items. The aspects include pedagogical (9 items), professional (5 items), personality (5 items) and social (5 items) competence. Approximately, 23 students of Arabic Language Education Department have participated in this study to rate 6 teachers using the 5-point likert scale instrument. The data was then analyzed using Facet from Rasch Model. The results showed that teaching experience does not influence their teaching performance since they gave higher ratings to the teacher with less than 10 years of experience as compared to the ratings they gave to the teachers with more than 20 years of teaching experience. The study also revealed that teachers still have low competency in some aspects. For example, in item number 13 asking about teachers’ professional competence, item number 21 asking about teachers’ social competence and item number 6 and 7 about teachers’ pedagogical competence. This indicated that teachers still have difficulty in evaluating students’ learning ability, they do not always give feedback to their students’ performances, they do not teach using the very latest issues about the course. Besides, it is also hard for them to get to know their students personally. These students’ feedback can be a valuable insight to the teachers to evaluate their competence so that they can improve their competence and teaching performances.


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