Penjamin Mutu External Di Lembaga Pendidikan

  • Novita Sari UIN Sumatera Utara Medan
Keywords: Quality of Education, Madrasah, National Standards of Education


The quality of education relates to the achieved or absence of national educational objectives as stated in the LAW No. 20 of 2003 on the national education system. Therefore, the quality of education can be said whether it meets the national standards of education. Fulfilled the minimum education standard which is the national standard of education is a prerequisite to improve the quality of education including Madrasah. The reality that arises that the quality of education in Indonesia is still quite far from what is expected, let alone quality in most madrasah are still many obstacles. Many madrasas who have not fulfilled the national standards of education, such as educators and educational personnel who have not fulfilled the qualifications and competence standardised, as well as inadequate facilities and infrastructure. This article aims to describe how the role of education quality assurance system in improving the quality of education in the Madrasah.


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