Identifying the Emerge of Informal Leadership, In Pondok Pesantren

  • Akhmad Fauzi Sayuti IAIN Pamekasan
  • Fitri Nur Rohmah IAIN Al-Khairat, Pamekasan
Keywords: Informal Leadership; individual competencies; organizational civilization; Specific requirements; trusted leaders; legitimacy;


Informal Leadership in Indonesia, especially in Islamic boarding schools, until now there has been no agreement or definition in detail and precisely how informal leadership is organized by the school. This research was conducted with the literature review to see the process of the emergence of Informal Leadership in Islamic boarding schools. In this research literature review found from all the literature that no one has explained how the process of emergence of Informal Leadership. No less important in further research is to examine how to maintain informal leadership. This literature also describes individual competencies, organizational civilization, Specific requirements, trusted leaders, and legitimacy where the variables considered by the author strongly support the process of emergence and how to maintain informal leadership.


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