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Aulia Maulida Musthofafih
Khiththotul Faz Assilmi
Dewi Kumala Hikmah


Gender is defined as the roles that attached to community based on socio-cultural constructions, and structures in society. Basically, men and women have equal rights in terms of worship, education, and laws. In fact, Allah SWT has explained that humans equaled on this earth as servant and caliphs in the world. However, apart of all is what was needed in society to reach social needs is the existence of leader who are capable in managing government affairs in terms of politic, culture, defense, and security. Where all these things are naturally dominated by men. It does not rule out the possibility for women to have this, but islam has conceptualized regarding their respective roles and duties, so that men have a greater role and higher rate than women in society. By following these roles, social life will run as a direction in accordance of Islam.

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MusthofafihA. M., AssilmiK. F., & HikmahD. K. (2024). GENDER AND LEADERSHIP IN ISLAMIC PRESPECTIVE . Proceedings of International Conference on Islamic Civilization and Humanities, 2, 411-418. Retrieved from