Determining the Hijri Month Using the Hisab 'Urfi Method in the Rowot Sasak Calendar

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Muhammad Awaluddin


The earliest method of determining Hijri month is a classic issue that always interesting to discuss over time. Currently, in Indonesia there are three major methods that are influential in determining the beginning of Hijri month Rukyatul Hilal (NU), Wujudul Hilal (Muhammadiyah) and Imkanur Rukyah (Kemenag RI). In fact, among local communities there are calculations carried out by their mursyid/kiyai. One of them is Sasak people (Lombok) who have their own calculating calendar. Its known as Kalender Rowot Sasak which also determining of the great days of Islam such as Ramadan, Shawwal and Dzulhijjah. So, focus of this study is to find patterns and methods of calculation in Kalender Rowot Sasak for early determination of Hijri month. This research is kind of Field Reseach with a descriptive qualitative approach method, where is researchers observe the public and kiyai as a practitioners of Kalender Rowot Sasak. The results of this study indicate that Kalender Rowot Sasak determines the beginning of the Hijriyah month by using the some patterns, its  1 Muharram, Mulud Lebaran, Muharam Ramadhan dan Hisab Urfi Rowot Sasak. In addition, the names of the months in the calendar are also adapted from local terms.

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