Phases of the Moon in Hijri Death Study of Calculation of Moon Phases with Jean Meeus' Algorithm

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Muhammad Alwi Musyafa


The Hijri calendar is a dating system based on the circulation of the moon. In general, the Moon has four main phases, namely the New Moon phase, the First Quarter, the Full Moon, and the Last Quarter. Many methods are used for the calculation of the phases of the moon, one of which uses the calculation algorithm of Jean Meeus. The calculation of Jean Meeus' algorithm data was assisted using  Microsoft Visual Basic software with calculations during the period of 2001 to 2100 AD, with output results in the form of dates, hours, and minutes of the occurrence of lunar phases in the month of Kamariah. From the calculation results, the average values of the synodic time of the phases of the New Moon, First Quarter, Full Moon, and Last Quarter are 29.53046138, 29.53027321, 29.53083066, and 29.53090767, respectively. The results of Jean Meeus' analysis of lunar phase calculation data found that the length of the lunar synodic period from the New Moon phase to the next New Moon and the length of the synodic period of other lunar phases have differences, even though it is only a few seconds.

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